About Derryhick Sticks

A few words about Derryhick Sticks and me.

I am a retired person, living in the West of Ireland and making walking sticks since 2010.

Derryhick sticks are different. Like myself, they may have little imperfections. They most likely are not 100% straight. They might even have the odd indent, bump or lump. But… they are natural, do have character and uniqueness. And, in today’s robotic structured world, isn’t a little bit of eccentricity to be welcomed?

A handcrafted walking with its own unique characteristics, a stick not just for admiring but for taking with you on a walk – that is exactly what a Derryhick stick is.

You can choose a Derryhick Stick from any of the following woods  AlderAshBirchBlackthornElderberryHazelHawthornHollyPrivet and Rhododendron. I also produce sticks from Ivy and Gorse but, due to scarcity of suitable shanks, they are not always in stock.  Handcrafted Derryhick Sticks are special.  They are synonymous with the charm and tranquility of country life. 

The material for my sticks is sourced locally in neglected thickets, along river banks and from hedges along little used ‘bóreens’. Every stick is totally traceable, is 100% Irish and is guaranteed handmade.

So, the slogan ‘Created by Nature – finished by hand’ accurately describes Derryhick sticks.   Every owner of a Derryhick Stick will quickly establish an affinity with it knowing that he/she will never see an exactly similar stick with anyone else.

The enterprise is located in the beautiful and picturesque West of Ireland at Derryhick, County Mayo.