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Weight: 5.5 oz

Length: 31.5 in

Width: 0.55 in

Stick Size: Slim

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Customers should be conscious that my Blackthorn sticks are different to the painted ‘shillelagh’ type that one sees in gift and craft shops. Instead the finish highlights the natural colour of the carefully sanded bark.
Like all of my sticks they are as close to what nature produced as possible… including the occasional twist, bend and other imperfection… makes them all the more unique and unashamedly Irish.
Blackthorn is prone to splitting – this is a characteristic of the wood so hairline cracks are common. All of my Blackthorn sticks have been seasoned for a minimum of four years so any cracks will have ceased before they are offered for sale.
This particular stick is one of a range of thin Blackthorn canes that used to be referred to as ‘Ladies Sticks’. It is exceptionally well seasoned… for at least 6 years.

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