Collection: Alder

Alder is not prone to splitting and is water resistant. It is light in the hand and so is a popular wood for stickmaking.

Because the bark is dull and featureless I often remove it and expose the heartwood which has a warmish pale yellow hue. Sometimes there are speckled marks which add to the charm of the stick. In instances where I retain the under bark, the shank has a deep dark antique look.

Native Americans regarded alder with reverence and respect. They used alder to make dishes, spoons, masks and platters for serving and cooking. It is considered by some as the best wood for smoking salmon. Alder is appreciated for its claimed tight and even balanced tone and is widely used by electric guitar manufacturers.

The dimensions shown under ‘Additional Information’ are in inches and ounces. The width is the measurement at the tip (bottom) of the stick. Any stick can be shortened to a specified length at no extra cost.

Guidelines for arriving at the optimum length for you are shown on the Choosing a Stick page.

Handmade walking sticks from Ireland. Native woods and natural finishes.
“Designed by nature; Finished by hand”